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1 Chicken Leg

1 Chicken Breast

1 Steak 8oz Striploin 

1 Pork Chop

1lb Ground beef

1 Colombian Sausage 

1 Mexican Sausage

Customer Reviews

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Gabriel daga
Great value

Great value for the amount of meat you get and I enjoyed it. Something to build on is the Sausage was bursted out of the case (still ate it , still delicious) and the striploin (which I know is 8oz) was cut incredibly thin and half of it was the fat cap which was barely hanging on. But Still very edible and still very delicious.


high quality packed nicely

Good affordable combo

This is a good assortment

7 different types of meat, one for each day of the week

I liked the sausage and ground beef the best, so I ordered more of those items. If you like to cook, check out the beef brisket and skinkess boneless chicken leg meat.

The thin pork chops are good too.... bbq them 1 minute per side


This box was a great way to sample a variety of meats. The price was amazing for the amount of products you get
The chicken breast were so huge very fresh & Tasty.
Everything was very fresh and great quality of meats. Delivery was fast and package well.
The steaks and pork chops were great fast cook cut.. They are thinner,
Then I usually buy but still very good. It would be nice to have the option of ordering thicker cuts of steaks & chops

Mariangela Lucente
My Order

Great customer service, phenomenal products, fair pricing !