10 Pound of Beef Back Ribs

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Bake them

They come in 2 sections per package

5 pounds per section

Ribs are about 8" long


Bake these tibs with some salt and pepper

Cover them with tinfoil

Cook low (200'F) for many hours (3-6 hours)


I have had 4 racks so far...

2 were good
2 were outstanding

So that's all I can expect.

Carla Indarjit

Have been getting beef ribs for couple of years at a competitor. Usually go p/u cause min. order is higher, but since prices keep going up I could qualify. Saw Vener-Rica online ads and their min. delivery was way less and their prices seemed better. I ordered the 10 lb. beef back ribs, they were vac packed together so I wasn't that happy as I had to either keep in fridge as long as I deemed safe before cooking or open, cook one rack and rewrap and freeze other rack. I made my usual recipe and they were like leather, not as much meat on bone as other place(they did look good though in the package). Very expensive leather meal. Nex rack I will do on much slower cook and see. The beef stew looked good but my friend that I ordered from wasn't happy with it and said should stay fresher longer in fridge. The Korean ribs were very good however but super thin and not as much bone as we like but guess more bang for buck in weight. I also weighed all three packs, only one was at the 1 lb. mark, the other two were a bit short(I understand cannot get exact, but since charging for the pound maybe top up in customer's favor. The order was verified next morning by phone and delivery came with well packed box. If next set of cooked ribs not tender/meaty unfortunately i won't be ordering again.



Wasn't delivered

Ordered these but never came.. had to call for a refund and was given one no problem but really would have loved to try it.