2 Pounds of Baby Back Ribs

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Around 2 lb baby back ribs

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Bbq enthusiast

Satisfactory but a bit pricey. Overall I enjoy venerica meats services

Debbie Hobson
Excellent ribs

Best ever! Can’t be beat!

Baby backs

Tender, meaty, fresh.

rob harssar

Very good quality product, and reasonably priced. Would definitely buy from Venerica again. There was even a small snafu where the person serving me was possibly new and another customer picked up the wrong order which was mine. They quickly replaced the 3 racks of ribs I asked for and removed the membrane. I rarely order ribs but these were quite good the way we prepped them in an asian type of marinade and sauce I made and baked for 2 hours them grilled them on the bbq. Quite delicious and very good quality. Would recommend.

Jake Hollingworth

first got my order of 4 lbs back ribs and they were frozen plus I was missing a sauce I had ordered. Called and they said would call me back. Waited 1 hr then called again and was told they would bring me the fresh ribs and missing sauce. Driver shows up with only 2 lbs of ribs not the 4 i had ordered and the sauce. He told me I could keep the 4 pounds of frozen though. Over all first experience ordered 6 items problem with 2 so not sure if will try again based on wasted most of a day dealing with a 152 dollar order. That being said the ribs were very tasty charcoal grilled as was the chicken.