8 Pound of Goat Leg

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Frozen Goat Leg 

Approximately 8 pound +- 1 pound

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Navaratnarajah Kanagaratnam
Goat Leg

Nice meat

Dessa Aird

Nice quality of meat and the price is right.

VonRoy Howe
Product is Great, But......................

Hi Guys

Thank you for the request. I like the that the two people I encountered were very cooperative, the lady in customer service was very helpful and the gentleman that cut the meat for me was very pleasant. The product as usual is very good, my problem has always been and will always be the system in place. There was an issue with first getting the meat cut, then there was going to be a charge which is strange since I bought it there, but the two people I encountered on this issue had to get permission from the higher-up for me to get the result I needed which in my opinion should be common knowledge. With the proper system in place, this would and should have been a seamless transition. I will continue to shop with you, but hope to see some improvement in this area in the near future.
Happy New Year!!!